Month: November 2017

REMINDER – Bronze re-approval audit must take place at least 30 calendar days before expiry

In accordance with the FORS Rules and Procedures, this is a reminder that your Bronze re-approval audit must take place at least 30 calendar days prior to expiry of your current Bronze accreditation. This ensures that you have enough time left between your on-site audit and your accreditation expiry date to receive the audit results and to … Read more

Overheight vehicle campaign begins for Blackwall Tunnel – reminding drivers ‘check before you travel’

On Monday 23 October Transport for London (TfL) launched a campaign in collaboration with Eurotunnel to remind drivers of Blackwall Tunnel’s height restrictions. The tunnel is disrupted on average 30 times a month by overheight vehicles and breakdowns. Blackwall’s northbound tunnel height limit is 4 metres, lower than the southbound tunnel’s 4.8 metres limit, and … Read more