Month: February 2020

Traffic Commissioner’s statutory documents – post collision procedures

Transport Managers must be professionally competent and of good repute, as defined in the Senior Traffic Commissioner’s Statutory Guidance. Traffic Commissioner’s statutory documents also include a specific series of ‘Road Safety’ competences for Transport Managers. One of these competences refers to post collision procedures. It states that, in relation to road haulage and passenger transport, … Read more

Additional free LoCITY Driving courses now available

Looking to progress to or maintain FORS Gold? FORS has added a number of free FORS Professional LoCITY Driving courses in locations across the UK. The course focuses on minimising the environmental impact of commercial vehicles by reducing emissions through the use of pre-journey planning, vehicle checks, fuel-efficient driving and alternative fuels. The transitional provisions … Read more

Make sure the training you undertake meets the FORS requirements

You can meet the FORS mandatory training requirements by undertaking FORS Professional training or, for certain training requirements,  by undertaking FORS Approved training. When booking FORS Approved training or FORS Professional training it is important you check the training provider is listed on the FORS website prior to booking your place(s). This is to safeguard against training providers … Read more

Group eLearning now available for Pedestrian Safe

Last month saw the launch of FORS Professional Pedestrian Safe. The new, mobile-friendly eLearning module, which has already been completed by over 5,500 individuals, seeks to educate drivers on the specific dangers pedestrians face and how to protect them. FORS has now introduced a PowerPoint group delivery training pack for this module, offering operators and … Read more