Brian Doogue Haulage – Year 4 Gold – cleaner and greener

Brian Doogue Haulage – Year 4 Gold – cleaner and greener

With over 10 years experience in the heavy haulage industry, Brian Doogue Haulage has led the way in transportation of abnormal loads of plant and machinery all across London and nationwide. The company has gained some reputable contracts with a firm customer base underpinned by the FORS scheme that has given valuable support to the business to continuously meet the high standards expected within the industry. Brian Doogue Haulage has focused on optimising the business in every possible way in particular making steps to renewing the whole fleet towards all euro 6 improving fuel economy and reducing the carbon footprint of the fleet. Director Brian Doogue explains how FORS accreditation has strengthened the business and set new standards to follow.

Being an organised and compliant company, we passed bronze audit in May 2012 first time around, once We saw the benefits of FORS accreditation we quickly progressed onto silver and then Gold accreditation which we feel has placed us in a good position as a good quality operator that is equipped and ready to take on new contracts along with carrying out the work we do in the safest manor.

We took full advantage of FORS management and training tools in particular the vulnerable road user training through safe urban driving workshops and e-learning, that has improved knowledge and awareness of drivers and has helped keep our incident rate low.

“FORS e-learning has developed driver knowledge of both vulnerable road users and fuel efficient driving which has helped keep Brian Doogue Haulage remain a safe and efficient operation.” Brian Doogue – Director.


FORS e-learning has proved a useful training tool for us giving useful information on fuel efficient driving and looking for ways to reduce harmful emissions with the lo-city driver and manager modules. The cycle safety module has also helped raise awareness of vulnerable users which has helped my drivers understand the importance of being extra observant. I believe the e- learning modules have contributed in maintaining our low incident record and has helped drivers adopt more fuel-efficient style of driving thus reducing our fuel usage and emissions output. Fleet emissions and mpg are monitored via our scania monitoring reports which are generated monthly. Using this data we can review our fuel usage and driving standards and implement any changes we feel necessary such as further driver training.

“useful advice through FORS lo-city driver and manager modules has prompted drivers to adopt a more fuel efficient style of driving” Brian Doogue – Director. 

Our main reasons for progressing from bronze to silver then onto gold accreditation was to show prospective customers and the general public that Brian Doogue Haulage is a safe, efficient and considerate operation ready and able to take on high quality contracts with vehicles equipped with the latest safety equipment and drivers that are trained to a high standard. 

Quantify your improvements

  • Our MPG has improved with the increase of new efficient euro 6 vehicles on the fleet with support from FORS lo-city e-learning modules.
  • Our incident rate is already low but has seen a decrease since the previous year.
  • Our PCNs remain at zero.





Number of PCNs

Apr 2016-May 2017

5.5 mpg 5 0

April 2017-May 2018

6.1mpg 3


Percentage improvement 10.9% 40%

  • Driver health and fitness is closely monitored with a drivers medical and health declaration form that is completed on employment and every 6 months thereafter. Drivers are encouraged to engage in an active lifestyle and eat healthy. Literature is made available to read and there are also bikes stored in the workshop free for all staff to use.
  • Our drivers are largely recruited from recommendation. However, we are now looking into new avenues in which to encourage new drivers into the industry via schools, colleges and future events.
  • Noise assessment is closely monitored in our operations and noise readings are taken to ensure staff are never exposed to excessive noise in the working environment . The operating centre is based in an industrialised area however we will always demonstrate minimal noise as good practice and our heavy load transportation movements are carefully planned to minimise noise pollution and disruption to local communities.
  • There is currently nothing on the market that meets our requirements to move such heavy loads for long distances. However, Brian Doogue Haulage is committed to reducing environmental impact and over 50% of the fleet are now euro 6 making significant steps for an all euro 6 fleet. Through our live tracking systems and the Scania monitoring report we can access data showing driving standards so further training can be implemented if required to improve fuel efficient driving.

We will continue to update the fleet to be 100% euro 6 fleet which will further improve fuel efficiency and minimise harmful emissions. Drivers will also continue to progress on FORS e-learning modules to further develop their knowledge in safe and fuel-efficient driving which will be closely monitored.

Brian Doogue is a proud to be a gold accredited member of the FORS scheme that is setting high standards in the road haulage industry. We will continue to take advantage of the training and support FORS offers with assisting operators to continuously improve safety standards and reduce fuel usage. Gaining Gold accreditation for a fourth year will strengthen the reputation of the business even further and help us to keep improving and evolving the operation.