T.M.A. Haulage Ltd is a proud family run business operating one 26t Tipper over two shifts transporting asphalt and dry stone for TARMAC. My Name is Andrew Tucker, I am the named transport manager for the business and son of the company Director, Mr Michael Tucker.

T.M.A. Haulage Ltd is registered in Dawlish, Devon and operates out of Stancombe Quarry, Flax Bourton, Nr Bristol. In terms of reducing our fuel usage and emissions T.M.A. Haulage Ltd has introduced and now manage many new company policies to reduce engine idling, and improve fuel efficiency via driver training. We have also invested heavily in a new 32T Euro 6 Volvo Tipper due for delivery within weeks which will substantially and further reduce our CO2 emissions and lower NOx and Particulate Matter emissions.

We have improved our road safety record by investing in training such as Driver CPC Cycle Safety courses, E learning courses, a recent Transport Manager refresher course as well as updating our employee handbook and working safely manual to educate all of our employees on matters such as the highway code, vulnerable road users, economical driving and reducing road risks.

T.M.A. Haulage Ltd was established in March 2015 to become a contract haulier with TARMAC. All hauliers working for TARMAC are required to meet the FORS Bronze standards.

Our experience of the initial FORS audit was extremely positive, we worked hard to ensure we passed the FORS Bronze audit first time. The learning curve was a steep one but very rewarding in terms of better understanding positive interactions with vulnerable road users, our duty of care to lower our emissions and to improve road safety standards within the haulage industry.

Following our achievement in gaining and maintaining our FORS Bronze Accreditation and securing our contract with TARMAC it was identified in June 2017 that we had an opportunity to apply to meet the FORS Silver standards. The next step for our business was to gain access to more lucrative contracts with TARMAC. Another steep learning curve was undertaken to undergo further E learning courses, further reviews of the new 4.1.i and now the 4.1.ii standards and navigating the FORS evidencing systems. We are extremely proud to achieve the FORS Silver accreditation standards in August 2017. The benefits for our business have been huge.

Andrew Tucker, Transport Manager said ‘The huge investments our business has made in purchasing a new Euro 6 Tipper, the additional safety equipment fitted to our new vehicle to improve road safety and the vulnerable road user training for myself and our driver clearly demonstrates our commitment to the FORS Standards. The benefits of our journey from FORS Bronze towards Silver and Gold accreditation will be a massive achievement for our business’.

The key benefit of being a FORS Accredited operator has been to secure our contract with TARMAC. This has given our business a level of security that in turn has allowed us to make the investments in the new Euro 6 tipper, the additional safety equipment and the training for our drivers. It has also given our business a new focus to reduce our emissions, ensure the continuous professional development of our employees.

Mr Michael Tucker, Director of T.M.A. Haulage Ltd said ‘The introduction of FORS has had a huge impact on the haulage industry and as a business we have fully embraced the aims and objectives of FORS. We are proud to display our FORS stickers on our vehicle and encourage all hauliers to consider applying to meet the standards’.

Initially the main reasons for our business progressing to FORS Bronze and Silver accreditation level was to meet the requirements of our main contract with TARMAC, however our application to meet the FORS Gold standards was borne out of our continued drive to meet and to demonstrate the highest of standards within the industry. We are committed and can clearly demonstrate our efforts to improve road safety, reduce our emissions and the continuous professional development of our employees.


  MPG Incidents per 100,000 Kms Number of PCNs
July-July 2016 – 2017 8.8 0 0



*8.8 between July and November 0 0
Percentage improvement 0.00% 0.00%

*Although there is no marked improvement on the MPG’s in the last 4 months of data it is extremely important to point out that since we gained the FORS Silver accreditation the vehicle is now operated day and night on the TARMAC contract. The night shift work is heavier and more arduous than the day work but despite this the day time driver has managed to counter the expected impact on MPG’s by implementing his training to reduce emissions and idling to ensure that the MPG’s have not gone over the 8.8 for the previous years averages.

Please also note that we are within weeks of taking charge of our new 2017 plate Euro 6 Volvo Tipper which we are expecting based on the manufacturer guidelines to reduce our emissions and vastly improve our MPG figures.

Driver health and fitness review – We have developed a start of employment and 5 yearly health questionnaire which is scheduled and completed by all drivers. In addition we have a daily defect report book which requires drivers to declare the following…Prior to reporting for duty I have taken a legal EU drivers hours daily/weekly rest period. I have not completed any undeclared work for another employer. I am reporting for duty in a fit and health condition, I am not under the influence of alcohol or drugs or medication prescribed or otherwise that may affect my ability to drive.

Strategy for recruiting drivers – We are a small business operating one vehicle. Whilst we do not have a current requirement to recruit a driver we do support initiatives such as the driver apprenticeship scheme and the FTA skill show. We have demonstrated our commitment to this by joining the FTA in November 2017 and should ever the requirement arise for our business to recruit we have already established contact with our FTA area manager, Gino and discussed in depth with Mr Emon Brennan at the FTA advice centre how the FTA will support us if and when the time comes to recruit.

Noise assessment – Within our employee handbook we have a full written policy named ‘reducing noise and visual intrusion. This was developed from a physical assessment of the operating centre and surrounding area. The policy contains multiple instructions for our employees to ensure noise is kept to an absolute minimum. We also have an engine idling policy as well as an engine cut off system in the new vehicle which will cut the engine off after 15 seconds.

Modal shift and alternative vehicles – Our contract with TARMAC prohibits our business from considering alternative modes of transport. In regards to modal shift we have invested heavily in our new 2017 Euro 6 vehicle which we hope will satisfy this requirement.

To ensure we make continual fleet improvements all of our policies and documents are reviewed annually, we have in place a strategy to upgrade from our Euro VI vehicle at least every 3 years, continue our proactive approach to driver training, health and fitness.

For the team at T.M.A. Haulage Ltd achieving the FORS Gold Accreditation would represent the highest acknowledgement of our continued dedication and commitment improving standards within our industry. The benefits have been instant in terms of securing our contract with TARMAC. Our future aspirations will be secure our contact with TARMAC on going, lead the way in regards to our peers, promote the advantages of the FORS Scheme and maintain our record of compliance, road safety and invest in our drivers and vehicle.

Please note: All published FORS Gold case studies have been submitted by the accredited company named above and transcribed verbatim.