The purpose of the Bronze audit is to make sure that the operators we accredit meet specific exacting standards. The audit process is about providing evidence of systems, procedures and documentation that demonstrates that you meet the FORS Bronze requirements.

Passing your audit and becoming FORS accredited not only means you are contributing to creating and maintaining higher standards within the transport industry, but your business will benefit from being safer and more fuel efficient.

It is important to remember that whilst the FORS Bronze audit will check (where applicable) that an organisation has a valid Operator’s Licence for the operating centre that is being audited, and that many of the policies and procedures checked during the onsite audit relate to Operator Licence undertakings, FORS Bronze, Silver and Gold audits ARE NOT Operator Licence compliance audits. FORS accreditation IS NOT confirmation of compliance with GB Operator Licensing and will not protect you from investigation and prosecution by the police or DVSA or appearing before a Traffic Commissioner at a Public Inquiry. Traffic Commissioners welcome any scheme that promotes overall road safety. However, FORS members are reminded that a FORS membership certificate or FORS audit report will not be accepted as evidence by Traffic Commissioners or DVSA of Operator Licensing compliance.

FORS Standard version 5.1 audit toolkit