FORS is proud to announce Scott Sharkey as its 1,000th FORS Practitioner

FORS is proud to announce Scott Sharkey as its 1,000th FORS Practitioner

Congratulations to Scott Sharkey, Transport Planner at FORS Silver member Les Smith Haulage in Swindon, for becoming the 1,000th FORS Practitioner.

Scott is now part of a fast-growing community of transport professionals who have raised their game by attending the full series of Practitioner workshops, equipping themselves with essential knowledge to help with the day-to-day running of their operation.

Speaking of the Practitioner workshops, Scott said: “Thanks to the information provided at the FORS workshops, I gained knowledge across many different aspects of the business. I also found it very interesting to hear experiences from other members.” Scott added, “The ‘Managing noise in logistics’ and ‘Reducing fuel use and minimising environmental impacts’ workshops have highlighted the benefits of evaluating options such as electric Moffett trucks for our specialised deliveries in sensitive urban areas. In addition to minimising our environmental impacts, the reputation of our company is always a high priority.

FORS Operations Director, Anne Johnson, said, “Reaching 1,000 FORS Practitioners gives me a huge sense of pride on behalf of FORS and its members. FORS supports personal development through its dedicated driver and manager training programme and the FORS Practitioner workshops provide essential information for managers to better execute their daily responsibilities.” Anne added, “Congratulations to Scott on achieving the FORS Practitioner qualification and on raising his game.”

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