Free tyre safety workshop – book your place now

Free tyre safety workshop – book your place now

The Freight Interest Group (part of Intelligent Transport Systems (UK)) is presenting a free, two-hour discussion and workshop on ‘ITS and Tyres: The future and recent developments.’

Hosted by AECOM at Aldgate Tower, London, on Monday 9 July, the event will cover the importance of tyre safety and will focus on:

  • Why is tyre safety important?
  • Current legislation
  • What are tyre manufacturers doing?
  • What tyre checking technology is available?
  • Environmental benefits of future tyres
  • What next for ITS and tyres?

Each theme will be briefly introduced by experts and discussed in an open forum involving all attendees.

FORS Bronze requirement ‘M11 Tyre and fuel management’ states that fleet operators shall record and manage tyre wear, condition and disposal to ensure there exists a high level of safety, efficiency and environmental performance relating to the management and use of tyres. Attending this event will help FORS members address the crucial issue of tyre safety.

FORS members are welcome on this free event. However, places must be booked online.