Help to look out for vulnerable road users with a FORS Professional eLearning module

Help to look out for vulnerable road users with a FORS Professional eLearning module

The Department for Transport’s latest guidance asks the public to try and limit travelling and to consider walking and cycling in order to keep the transport network running and allow people who need to make essential journeys to travel.

With many more pedestrians and cyclists on the roads, drivers are having to be even more vigilant than ever, especially with pedestrians potentially stepping into the road in an effort to maintain the two-metre social distancing rule. With Bronze requirement ‘D4 Professional development’ requiring drivers to undertake training every 12 months on road risk and the safety of vulnerable road users, FORS members are well prepared for this increased challenge.

As drivers rotate the safety eLearning modules undertaken each year, FORS members may wish to encourage their drivers to refresh their knowledge even if they are not required to undertake one of the following FORS Professional safety eLearning modules this year. These  modules will help drivers to share the roads safely as the number of vulnerable road users increases:

  • Pedestrian Safe – educates drivers on the specific dangers pedestrians face and what they can do to protect them
  • Cycle Safety – enables drivers to recognise the causes of collisions and how to minimise the risks to vulnerable road users
  • Smart Driving – focuses on the basics of road safety and explores some of the more advanced techniques of concentration, observation and anticipation

Sonia Hayward, FORS Manager, said, “Sharing the roads safely is not a new challenge for drivers and the increase in cycling and walking we have seen in the past couple of months is really positive. However, this presents new challenges for every driver, not just commercial drivers, and I would encourage all FORS operators to undertake the relevant FORS Professional safety eLearning modules if they can.”

To access and complete one of the safety eLearning modules, click here. Other safety eLearning modules are Van Smart and Bridge Smart.

To read the Department for Transport’s safer travel guidance for passengers, click here.