FORS routes to accreditation – SOCA, MOCA and WFA explained

FORS routes to accreditation – SOCA, MOCA and WFA explained

We have noticed recently that there are some companies that may have less operating centres in the scope of their accreditation than they should have. It is very important to understand that only vehicles operating from centres declared under the scope of the FORS accreditation are allowed to display the FORS logo ID sticker.

If you are new to FORS or looking to renew your membership, there are a number of accreditation options available depending on how many depots you have and how they are managed. You will need to make sure that your scope of accreditation covers all the depots that you want to be covered in the scheme.  Your options are; single operating centre; multi operating centre; and whole fleet accreditation.

Single operating centre accreditations (SOCA) are available where you want to have only one operating centre accredited or you want more than one operating centre accredited but have different policies and procedures for each centre. It is important to remember that you can only claim accreditation for your fleet at operating centres that have been declared and subsequently audited.

Multi-operating centre accreditations (MOCA) are intended for companies that have numerous operating centres all working to the same company policies and procedures. MOCA auditing is conducted on a ratio basis rather than necessarily having to undergo auditing at each and every centre. From 1-3 operating centres, each centre will require its own audit. If you have between 4 and 15 operating centres then 3 of the centres will be audited each year. If you have more than 15 centres then 20% of them will be audited a year.

Fleets can also choose to go through Whole Fleet Accreditation (WFA), which is open to operators with sixteen or more operating centres. Companies looking to gain Whole Fleet Accreditation need to have an established internal transport management quality audit process. Under WFA, FORS will audit the systems employed by the company to conduct the auditing. Once satisfied, FORS will approve the company and its own auditing team to do FORS audits themselves.

Detailed information can be found in the Routes to Accreditation section of the FORS Standard. If you are unsure about the scope of your accreditation call the helpline on 0844 8090944.